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... Broadband, Internet leased line, Wi-Fi and FTTH solutions. Our Wi-Fi network offers connectivity at more than 1000 Wi-Fi hotspots in Coimbatore across major hotels, educational institutes and cafes. We not only offer you access to a super fast Internet Connection but also a suite of Value Added Services.

World’s best fiber optics Technology

Fully reliable fiber net connection that stays connected always. Hassle-free Installation.

Upload Speed = Download Speed

We provide asymmetric internet speeds! Irrespective of any plans you choose for your home.

Speeds up to 1 Gbps

Airconnect offers unlimited internet with speeds up to 1 Gbps upload and download.

Uninterrupted Connectivity 24*7

We work to offer you a stable & secure internet to provide truly 24/7 internet.

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Enjoy first 30 days Free on your new service with airconnect ONE

With airconnect ONE you can combine your Fibernet, IPTV, Voice, Android TV & OTT (two or more services) into one plan. Choose a plan that's perfect for your needs & enjoy our services free of cost for first 30 days.

About airconnect

An Internet service you wish to have all the time!

  • We are...

    One of the leading ISP’s in Tamilnadu and emerging brands in India. We are successful in delivering our services to more than 10 million homes & corporates worldwide with our best-in-class fiber optics technology. We are a team of professionals powered by the latest technology, friendly service and 24/7 customer support. With our expertise in the field of Internet and networking, we offer our customers access to high-speed internet access via our broadband connection technology.

  • You get...

    A world class experience in accessing to the digital world using our Internet connection. Speed is very crucial when it comes to Internet, and we make sure that you will get enough uninterrupted bandwidth to enjoy all your favorite browsing activities. You will get a superior, reliable and speed internet connection and will experience an incredible service.

High Speed network

Airconnect take care of high-speed internet connection. We assure that you will have a equal upload and download speeds and our infrastructure allows you to have internet speeds up to 1 Gpbs which is incredible.

Affordable Prices

Cost is something very important to choose an ISP. Indubitably, you can choose us for an excellent Internet connection at an affordable price. We deliver at the cost which everyone can buy, experience and get delightful.

24*7 Support

Airconnect have a well expertise customer service executives who caters you a world class experience in getting all your queries resolved in short time. We ensure that our team provides you excellent support.

Superior Connection

We want all our customers to have a stable and quality network service. We offer highly available internet connections and solid uptime from our service. Our core network is redundant and provides 100% uptime.

Hotline Support

+91 422 4007007

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Head Office

17/2, GKS Nagar, PN Palayam, Coimbatore, TamilNadu - 641 037

Making the Best Effects for our Clients.

Get to know what makes our clients to love us the most. We are sure that you will be surprised by their testimonials.

You truly get more than what you pay for. Just go for it. They are pros than the major brands.

Mr. Guru Prasad Techie

Got to know about airconnect through their No parking boards. Gave it a try and never regretted.

Ms. Priya Mohanakrishnan IT Employee

Faced some issues for 2 times & thing that surprised me is their ability to rectify the issue super fast.

Mr. Princy Rose Business owner


Basic FAQs

Get to know what doubts other Corporates asked to us? Hope you will find this helpful! Please chat to our friendly team.

You can log on to our website and choose the best plan suit to your needs. Fill in the details and you will get the connection hassle free. You can give a call to our customer support too and get the assistance in getting the connection.
You will get the connection the new Broadband connection within 12 to 48 hours.
Airconnect employs best in class broadband technology, and we take care of uninterrupted internet speed and we expertise in 24/7 customer support.
Yes, we do provide free Wi-Fi routers to all our plans based on the tenure you choose with us.
You need to send a cancellation request mail to customer care, we will check and the service gets deactivated in 3 days from the day you sent the request.

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Hotline Support

+91 422 4007007

Mail Us

Head Office

17/2, GKS Nagar, PN Palayam, Coimbatore, TamilNadu - 641 037